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 Post subject: What to do after the rush?
PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2013 11:37 am 
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It's getting to be about that time again, the time when all the New Years Resolutioners realize exercise is harder than it looked on the commercial, really interferes with their sofa riding, and my personal favorite, doesn't work for them. They came to the gym in a mad furry of false expectations and unrealistic goals and swarmed over every piece of equipment you needed to do your workouts but they leave in one's and two's, silently sinking back into the pit of donuts and latte grandes they emerged from.

Now they're gone and with that sigh of relief comes an opportunity. Why go back to the same old workout? Why not take this time to explore some new equipment, new training methods or simply to instill a new set of short to medium range goals? After all, summer isn't that far away so there's no time to waste!

It's ever so easy to slip into a rut; to do the same workout (give or take a machine or two) over and over again. Sure, you've read that you need to change it up but who has time create an entirely new workout? Well, you dont have to. Sometimes a new workout can be as easy as swapping out one exercise for another. Here are a few examples of things you can try:

Trade in the Treadmill and Grab the Gauntet!


We've seem them there off to the side of the dainty little treadmills and elliptical, standing like some strange, dark, foreboding exercise mountain. I call them the great equalizer. You can be a jackrabbit on the treadmill and an elliptical goddess but a few flights on the Gauntlet will challenge nearly anyone. If your gym has one of these and you're not using it, shame on you. Next time you're at the gym and you're fixing to just hop onto that treadmill with the rest of the gerbils, dare to be different and climb onto this beasty. You'll be glad you did.

Bye bye Bench Press - hello HAMMER STRENGTH!


Hammer Strength stuff has been around for a while and many gyms have at least a few pieces. Many people feel that it's reserved only for athletes and bodybuilders but thats not the case at all. Hammer Strength's unique iso-lateral technology allows each arm or leg - or, in this case, each side of the chest to work independently, something you can't do with a solid bar or on most other machines. This helps prevent imbalances which is very important for everyone, not just footballers and bodybuilders. Next time you're off to do chest and your gym has one of these sitting there, forgo the regular bench press and hop on the Hammer Strength!

Forget seated rows and do some SEATED ROWING!


There was a time not too long ago that these were in every gym, every where. Now they're a little harder to find but they're out there. Seated rowing machines such as the one pictured are a fantastic way to get in some cardio that uses UPPER body every bit as much as lower - maybe even a tad more. It's a great way to blast rear delts, medial traps, and pretty much the entire back while clobbering your cardio. If you have access to one of these, skip the traditional seated row exercise and try these instead. It'll be fun, a nice new challenge and who knows, you might start a trend!

Thats all for now, folks, but I'll toss some new stuff at you soon! Meanwhile, get your brain and your butt outside the box!

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